Sunday, June 08, 2008

Whipman Week Service in West Linton

The Whipman and his Lass were piped to church this morning by the West Linton Pipe band. West Linton has a Common Riding as do other communities in the Scottish Borders. It has its roots in quite distant history. Communities would have a 'posse' which went out to maintain boundaries and where necessary to reclaim property and livestock which had been stolen by marauders. Every year the community 'elects' a young local worthy to be the Whipman and he, in turn, names his Lass. Gareth and Tracey are this year's Whipman and Whipman's Lass.

I must really stop wearing my specs on my head. I'm remembering a television show I used to watch as a small child called 'My Favourite Martian'.

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Fr. Paul said...

You wll also find that you see much better if you put them over your eyes!